03 Aug 10 DIY Tips for Flowers at Home

If you’ve never treated yourself to a bunch of flowers, a few stems, at the local market, you should most definitely try. Flowers have that transformational ability to make a house feel more like a home. They soften things up a bit and add a touch of color to certain window ledges, corners or hidden tables that otherwise seemed invisible. You don’t have to be a master designer to add some blooms to your home.


You can’t go wrong with these 10 DIY tips:

  1. Bud vases go a long way in odd numbers.
  2. Bright colors work well in very low or very tall compositions.
  3. The most ordinary cups and jars can become your most prized vases.
  4. Clippings from the garden or yard make everyone smile.
  5. Fresh lavender or eucalyptus can be very calming.
  6. Yes, the bathroom sink is a perfect place for a small floral detail.
  7. A drop of bleach in the flower water will prevent bacteria from growing and smelling.
  8. Tulips will literally move and grow as the day goes on. (Fun for kids to measure)
  9. Try a stem of fresh flowers in your shower to make home feel like the spa.
  10. Last week’s roses can be this week’s potpourri.
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