Fabric Texture, Close Up of Bronze Polyester Nylon of Office Chair to Created A Textured Background.

24 Oct Linen Mix n’ Match

October 24, 2016


Patterned Metallics and Crushed Satin or Lace paired with a subtle Dupioni.  Whatever you choose as your “go to” event linen, you have the ability make a statement and/or continue your intended floral statement on your event tabletops.  We have noticed the trend of Mix and Match linen making a comeback.  What does this mean exactly?  Clients will choose a complicated “WOW factor” linen and then soften it up with a subtler counterpart on select other tables.  It’s the perfect marriage of complex meets simple in a nice thread count.

And, what about your wedding budget? It’s a “win win” for budgeting purposes as the more complicated linens are usually tagged at a higher price point while the simpler linens will help balance out your total invoice at their cheaper price point option.    For ratio reference and perspective, we recommend splitting the linens into thirds whereby one third goes in one direction and the remaining two thirds takes on the balancing linen.  By choosing this in non-equal proportions, your event feel is more natural in appearance as opposed to an every other table linen switch that may feel less elegant and more disruptive.

For napkins, go even simpler and make sure to choose a fabric that will actually allow guests to wipe their mouths should meal delicacies get on their faces.  Certain fabrics are gorgeous and super elegant (satin …), but they don’t cut it for table spills and actual table etiquette.  A simple poly cotton blend or linen in a solid color may do wonders for your event visage as well as your budget.  These napkins may even be included in your venue wedding package so be sure to ask!