21 Oct Now That’s A Wrap

The Bouquet Wrap.  Although it appears to be a small detail, the bridal bouquet ribbon wrap is a conversation worth having with your floral design team.  To wrap or not to wrap is a stylistic preference, but a satin wrapped stem is cleaner and thornless and takes away the small chance of greenery debris rubbing on your beautiful white (insert ivory, blush, champagne …) dress.  If satin is not your thing, then you still have plenty of options to cover those green stems before you walk down that aisle.  Earthy brides may find happiness with raffia or burlap as their wrap fabric of choice while the romantics who have simplistic gowns may enjoy a nice lace detailing as the bouquet wrap.

Once it’s a wrap, the bride has the option to add something special to her bouquet, a keepsake or memento or family heirloom.  There is something very symbolic and moving about attaching a special family rosary or locket to the bouquet.  Be sure to mention this items and show a picture of it to your florist so he or she can figure out the technicality of attaching it before your big day.

Wrapping isn’t just for the girls!  Grooms and their groomsmen can enjoy this subtle detail work on their boutonnieres as well if they choose to go the extra mile and opt out of the plain and more subtle green or black stem tape.  Ultimately, it’s your big day as a couple and you should make all the details reflect your personalities and relationship.  And, that’s a wrap.