Succulents. Natural background.

31 Oct Succulent Nail Trend

October 31, 2016

It started in Australia.  Roz Borg seemed to have coined a wild new trend and we’re looking to whole heartedly endorse, support, and revel in her creativity.  As a horticulturist, Roz worked daily with succulent plants and had an “aha” moment deciding to create a new nail art category with LIVE succulent plant leaves glued onto false nails.  Talk about genius!

She has revolutionized a seemingly unnatural acrylic-heavy category of nail art and aesthetics and managed to add a live organic element for a Wow factor.  The water carrying succulent leaves seem to cancel out the unnaturalness of the acrylic gel we have all come to love for its long lasting power. This seems more than perfect for a fun night out, for Halloween that just passed, and we will venture to say this will stick with the nail industry longer than Lee Press On nails did in the 80s.


Let’s talk wedding and nails.  Most classically, brides wear a white polish or a French Manicure to keep with their white and ivory gown and bridal white motif, but imagine how cool it would look for a bride to hold her gorgeous floral bouquet with succulent inspired nails.


Very chic.  Very Miami.  Let’s do this.