groom with wood bow-tie and rustic boutonniere

26 Sep The Boutonniere Revolution


September 26, 2016

What’s The Deal with Those Boutonnieres?


As a bride, you strive to make all the correct decisions.  You have been told that it’s the details that truly make the affair special and more intimate.  The details will set your wedding apart from the other weddings you have attended and the details will bring you and your fiancé closer —

“But, What’s the deal with those boutonnieres?” Are they necessary? Do they last? And, how many people really need to wear them?

The answer, my friends, is really very simple.  We are predicting that boutonnieres are the new Kim & Kanye flower wall.  They are small and relatively inexpensive, yet they have so much style and power resting in their little wired blooms.

Boutonnieres can dress up any lapel.  They can soften or snaz up your bridal party motif.  With bamboo and raffia, they can give you an earthy vibe and with metallic wire and rhinestones, they can add a sense of sheen and modern royalty to your affair.

Most traditionally, grooms and their dads wear boutonnieres.  It’s a way to set them apart from the rest of the crowd.  Keeping with the traditional, the groomsmen and grandfathers also wear boutonnieres.  They are part of this elite squad that will be walking down the aisle.

But, what if we changed things up? What if we set a new precedent that everyone got to wear some lapel candy to your affair? What if we told all of our guests that they were special and their style was relevant to the seats that they were assigned and the dance floor that they would eventually electrify?

I think if we did this … if we opened up a bar for boutonnieres, we could start a wedding revolution.